HTML5 form examples

Have a look at - it has stuff like "colo(u)r" that aren't in the docs I have.

Also this Opera page.

Date/time related



Not part of the standard (yet?)

Browser support

Browser Version What works? Date checked
Firefox/Minefield 4.0beta8 datalist, validating regexp 2010-10-20
Chrome 7
  • Dates: have spinner buttons, but not proper dialogs/pickers. Not much different from Chrome 6, other than fixing bugs on month/week
  • Numerics: yes
  • Textlike: yes (insofar as most have minimal visible difference
  • Directory: yes
Safari ? x x
WebKit nightly early Oct Date/time: nothing
Number: no
Range: yes
email and phone: yes? (nothing obviously different)
search: yes? (does a little brush icon to clear field)
url: yes? (nothing obviously different)
directory: no (opens directories rather than selecting them in Fedora 12 at least)
Opera 10.? All work other than the WebKit-specific directory one Validation doesn't seem to happen until you hit submit 2010-10-20
IE 9 beta x x