This image is from the Wikipedia page on Data URI scheme

Red dot

And here is an audio tag, using a converted version of /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Beep_Door.wav


And now audio using data URI version of KDE_Beep_Door.wav

An MP3 to see if Chrome likes that - it does on Snow Leopard, but Iron on Win7 doesn't

Some references on the audio tag:

Some tests using files from the Azoff piano to try to work out why I'm getting bad latency in Firefox (and Safari IIRC - but not Opera)...

An MP3 - doesn't work in Firefox (Minefield), not surprised

A 16-bit sterero 44.1khz WAV, this seems to respond ASAP zzz

My 8-bit mono 8 khz WAV - this has latency in FF

My 8-bit mono 44.1 khz WAV - this is responsive in FF :-) but is crackly :-(

My 8-bit stereo 44.1 khz WAV - Firefox plays horribly, Opera not at all, WMP doesn't like either

My 16-bit stereo 44.1 khz WAV