A collection of HTML tests

The pages on this site are primarily for my personal reference, but if anyone else comes across them and can make any use of them, be my guest.

Some of them are taken from other places (online or from books), whether verbatim or with further modifications by me. As such, the original authors obviously retain their copyrights; most of them should have a link back to their source, but I couldn't guarantee this in every case. If any author finds their work here and wants it removed or reattributed, tweet me and I'll sort it out ASAP.

Quite a few of these tests are moronically simplistic; these should hopefully be stuff I did years ago, or sanity-checks from when something more complex was giving me trouble, and I had to go back to first principles to identify what was going wrong.

There'll be a few files that are broken, e.g. due to links to local or deleted files - sorry about that.

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